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AVS Engineering is a consulting firm specializing in mechanical equipment dynamics, vibration based diagnostics, and condition monitoring. All of our field service engineers are licensed professional engineers with a minimum of 10 years experience. Our engineers have backgrounds in;

  • Machinery Dynamics

  • Modeling

  • Machinery Diagnostics

  • Modal Analysis

  • Field Balancing of Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Generators, and other Turbomachinery

  • Deployment of Condition Monitoring Systems

We use advanced multichannel analyzers such as the Alta Solutions AS-1250FE, Data Physics ABACUS, and Bently Nevada ADRE 408 for our field work. Each of these measurement systems can easily integrate with your online condition monitoring system and we also have a full suite of temporary instrumentation that can be used to get the data you need.


AVS Engineering is committed to getting the job done safely. We are member contractors with both Avetta and ISNetworld. If you subscribe to another contractor safety program let us know. We've got the safety programs in place to get approved!

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