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Replacement of Bently Nevada 3300 Racks

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Offering hardware and services for replacement of Bently Nevada 3300 Racks. Contact us to discuss your application!
The Bently Nevada 3300 Rack

The 3300 rack was first released by Bently Nevada in 1987 and has been a workhorse in the industry ever since. Having been completely obsoleted in 2014, spare parts availability as well as service options have been dramatically reduced. This can lead to unplanned downtime on your critical machinery or operating without a machinery protection system.

Technical Guidelines for Replacement of 3300 Racks

The 3300 rack is a machinery protection system typically used on the most critical assets at your facility. While it was designed in 1987 it did an excellent job of meeting all the requirements for protecting machinery. Making sure that the replacement being considered isn't a step back from a 3300 rack is of paramount importance. The primary technical considerations for replacement are:

  • Continuously Monitor all Channels Simultaneously - Machinery failures can happen rapidly in events such as a rotor blade liberation or a severe rub occurring during startup. To catch these failures before they result in further damage your machinery protection system must continuously monitor all channels simultaneously. A scanning style system simply can't respond fast enough during these events.

  • 4-20 mA Outputs - It is likely that your 3300 rack is communicating vibration levels to your plant control system utilizing 4-20 mA outputs. It's typically easiest to maintain the same communication pathway, so ensuring that the replacement system has 4-20 mA outputs can make the project go more smoothly. Newer communication methods such as Modbus over ethernet can work well in these applications, but may require you to modify your control system.

  • Relay Outputs - If you have automated trip functionality enabled on your 3300 rack its doing this utilizing a relay output to your control system. Making sure the replacement system has relay outputs helps ensure you won't need to make any changes to your control system.

  • Size - There are a number of online condition monitoring/machinery protection systems out there that are sized such that they can be directly dropped into the same mounting arrangement as the 3300 rack. 

  • API 670 - API 670 is a standard that covers the minimum requirements for a machinery protection system. Buying a system that meets API 670 helps to ensure that it will perform all of the necessary critical functions.

  • Measurement Parameters - Ensuring that the replacement system can interface with your existing instrumentation and make the same measurements is of paramount importance.

The Solution


AVS Engineering is experienced with replacement of 3300 racks and our preferred hardware for this is the Alta Solutions AS-7000 System. The AS-7000 System meets all of the requirements listed above and is a state of the art machinery protection system that offers years of reliable service. With proper planning the replacement can be as easy as remove the existing 3300 rack, mount the AS-7000 in the same spot, and land all of the existing field wiring to the proper inputs.

We offer both hardware and services solutions for replacement of Bently Nevada 3300 Racks. If you'd like to discuss your application contact us!
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