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GE 7FA Balancing and Diagnostics

Our Experience

  • Numerous successful balancing and diagnostics projects conducted on both GE 7FAs and their associated generators. 

  • Experienced with connecting to both Bently and GE Mark vibration monitoring systems.

  • If you'd like to have your steam turbine looked at as well we have experience balancing small 6 MW units all the way up to 900 MW units.

  • If System 1 is installed on your unit we can use it to balance your machine.

  • If you have an older GE vibration monitoring system that doesn't have the buffered outputs of the newer GE Mark VIe we have options to add buffered outputs to the system. This makes connecting and disconnecting analyzers both easier and safer.

7FA Balance.jpg
Our Tools


At AVS Engineering we have multiple Bently Nevada ADRE 408s available to be used for field balancing of gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators. On smaller balancing and diagnostic projects the Alta Solutions AS1250FE is our tool of choice. If you have an interest in collecting data on more than just the permanently installed instrumentation we have a large amount of temporary instrumentation that can be used to measure vibration, temperature, pressure, strain, and position.

ADRE 408 Onsite Picture.png
Alta 1250-FE in use for Website.jpg
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