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Radio Interference on Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors

The Problem


Using plant radios near a permanently installed accelerometer or piezoelectric velocity sensor can result in your condition monitoring system detecting a high amplitude vibration spike. If you have automated trip mechanisms this can result in your machine tripping offline resulting in unplanned downtime.

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Understanding The Root Cause


RF signals can cause an erroneous change in the bias voltage of a vibration sensor, which is detected by a condition monitoring system as a high vibration event. While challenging to remedy, this is an issue that can be completely resolved by taking a thorough look at the installed system. The primary things that need to be investigated when attempting to resolve an issue like this are:

  • Shielding

  • Cable Selection

  • Transducer Selection

  • Grounding

The Solution


AVS Engineering has the experience and expertise needed to resolve your radio interference noise issues. We can provide a full evaluation of your system along with hardware and field services to correct the problem.

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