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Providing Vibration Analysis, Diagnostics, Testing, and Balancing out of Richfield, MN


Vibration Analysis/Diagnostics


  • Getting to the root of the problem is our specialty.

  • Multichannel analyzer testing for an in depth review of how vibration is changing throughout changes in operating speed and operating conditions.

  • Impact testing using an instrumented hammer and accelerometer to identify locations of natural frequencies to verify if resonance is or is not a problem.

  • Experimental modal analysis services to assist in creating targeted design changes to resolve resonance issues.

  • Visual operating deflection shape testing so you can see how your equipment is vibrating.

  • Commissioning vibration measurements.

  • Floor vibration studies.

Field Balancing


  • Highly experienced balance engineers.

  • Successful balancing programs carried out on everything from 100 HP fans to 20 ton steam turbine rotors.

  • We can use your online condition monitoring system to balance if it is equipped with a phase trigger.

Online Condition Monitoring Systems


  • We provide API 670 compliant online condition monitoring systems.

  • Numerous successful deployments on

    • Steam Turbines​

    • Gas Turbines

    • Generators

    • Pumps

    • Motors


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