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At AVS Engineering we are experts in diagnosing machinery vibration problems. We have a vast array of vibration transducers that we can use to temporarily instrument your machine for diagnostics and if your machine is already instrumented we have analyzers that can interface with your condition monitoring system. We use state-of-the-art multi-channel vibration analyzers to ensure that we are able to collect all the data necessary to diagnose your vibration issue. Some examples of projects we have performed include determination of location of resonances, equipment commissioning evaluation, machinery startup condition monitoring, machine baseline studies, and emergency vibration diagnostics projects. 

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Hydroturbines are truly unique machines. Design parameters vary significantly from installation to installation resulting in most hydroturbines being of a customized design. To add to the complexity of diagnosing a hydroturbine the low speed of these machines presents a unique set of challenges to acquire meaningful data. At AVS Engineering we know hydroturbines and carry a vast array of specialized instrumentation used to collect data on these low speed yet complex machines.

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Turbomachinery presents some of the most complex and difficult to resolve vibration issues in the field. At AVS Engineering we have the tools and expertise to resolve your turbomachinery vibration issues. The data we acquire with our analyzers can be used to diagnose a vibration issue, monitor a post overhaul startup, characterize resonant frequencies, and calculate installation of balance weights. 

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Field Balancing


Field balancing as opposed to shop balancing is done with your machinery installed in the field. Conducting a field balance on your machine typically results in the lowest vibration amplitudes achievable. AVS is highly experienced with field balancing having successfully conducted balancing programs on numerous fans, pumps, compressors, steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas turbines, and generators. Our technique differs from many of our competitors in that we utilize multichannel analyzers to track how the 1X vector changes through run up and coast down and perform the balancing utilizing the polar plots developed with this data. This gives us a deep understanding of how your machine responds to balance weights resulting in a well balanced machine.



Modal and ODS testing can provide insight into machinery vibration behavior and condition that other types of testing simply can't provide. Modal analysis yields information pertaining to mode shapes, natural frequencies, and damping. Operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis provides a graphical representation of vibration of the entire machine in three planes under normal operating conditions. AVS Engineering can use a combination of modal and ODS analysis to resolve your complex vibration issue. Depending on complexity of the issue we can also model design modifications of the structure using finite element analysis to ensure that we deliver you an engineered solution.



Knowing that your instrumentation and condition monitoring systems provide accurate readings is of the utmost importance for your critical machinery. At AVS Engineering we have all the equipment necessary to ensure accuracy of seismic transducers, proximity probes, and condition monitoring systems. Use our calibration and verification testing service to ensure that your condition monitoring system will perform all of its necessary functions for your critical machinery. 

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