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Field Balancing Services

Our Technique


At AVS Engineering we utilize multichannel analyzers that collect data on up to 24 channels through run up, steady state operation, and coast down. We utilize this rich data set to determine the best location in which to locate balance weights and we record enough data during the runs on your machine to diagnose the problem if it isn't balance related. Instead of relying on a black box balancing program to do the hard work for us, we review the data ourselves and calculate where the weight should be placed. This keeps us in tune as to whether or not the rotor is responding as expected to balance weights. Having the capability to do single, dual, and multi-plane balancing calculations ourselves allows us to provide remote balancing services if you have the capability of collecting 1X amplitude and phase data from your machine.

Example Single Plane Balance Vector Diag
Balancing Polar Plot Example.png
Our Tools


At AVS Engineering we utilize Bently Nevada ADRE 408s and Alta Solutions AS-1250 FE multichannel analyzers for conducting field balancing. All of our analyzers can interface with permanently installed condition monitoring systems such as Bently Nevada 3300 and 3500 racks. We also have a variety of accelerometers and proximity probes for doing temporary installations.

ADRE 408 Onsite Picture.png
Alta 1250-FE in use for Website.jpg
Our Experience

AVS Engineering is highly experienced with field balancing. Numerous successful field balancing programs have been carried out on a variety of pumps, fans, hydro turbines, steam turbines, gas turbines, generators, and compressors. Having conducted field balancing on both low speed rotors and high speed flexible rotors that run above multiple critical speeds we have the experience to get the job done right.

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